Friday, February 27, 2009


I wanted to document all the words the kids are learning. I had been worried that they didn't know very many words, but when I sat down and made the list I was surprised. They may not say all that many, but they sure do sign a lot.

Child / Sign / Verbalize

First, words they speak and sign:

both / milk /bah-bah
both / juice /duce
both / all done /ah-duh(n)
both / cracker / Addie: Cak-aih
both / hello / Addie: ha-lo
both / ball / bah
both / dog / dah
both / cookie / Kah-kie
both / cheese / tsee
both / daddy / da-da
both / Jesus / Addie: dee-zus
both / dirty / duh-dee or dee-dee
both / bed time / Addie: deh-dye
both / (to get) dressed / Addie: dess
Addie / quiet / sssss

Second, words that are signed only:

Addie / book
both / brush teeth
both / water
both / airplane
Gabe / cat
both / eat
Addie / sorry
both / bath
both / please
Addie / potty
both / more
both / diaper
Addie / monkey
(attempts that come close):
both / bird
Gabe / helicopter
both / light
Addie / yogurt
Addie / peas

Third, words that are spoken only:

both / uh-oh!
both / ma-ma
both / buhp-baw (Grandpa)
Addie / yucky
Addie / uh-uhh (no)
Addie / oh gudniss (oh, goodness)

There are quite a few more signs that they are working on. Cup, read, bread, car, carrot, lion, bear, snake, sister, brother, apple, hot dog, share, thank you, steam, train, banana, Mary, God, baby, and baby doll. They understand what (most of) them mean but as of yet have made no attempt to sign or say them.

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Margaret said...

Hee! I love how random this list is: milk, nap, monkey, ball...(wait, *monkey*?). Also, that Addie is the only one who knows "sorry." I get the feeling that she says it more often.