Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ana Tells a Story

During lunch today we went around the table, taking turns making up stories to share.  Gabe's stories mostly involved robots, and Deceptacons crushing them.  Addie talked about princess and towers, and Juliana stuck with her favorite character, Dora. 

 (Translation provided below the video.)

"And she was * unintelligible* like Boots. And she was all alone with Boots.  And she was all alone!  And she was not... and she was alone with ponies.  And with rainbow on the sky, and it was sunny day, and she... and she waked up in the morning.  In she's house.  And she was not dead forever!  And... and Boots, he was not, too!   And, and, and she, and he was not, and they were sleeping.  And Ana, and Daddy, and Mommy, and Gabriel, and Addie, was was was sawed a bad witch.  And she was bad. And she was all alone. And she was... Mommy was dead forever!  And she was go in the TV with Dora and Boots.  And she was, she likes Dora.  And, and Ana, too.  And she likes Dora.  And she has the sparkles with a cake on it like me. I was doing it by myself when I woke up, for I make the castle made of, uh uh, of a cake.  With Nutella.  It was a new one with a tent.  The End!"

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Nancy said...

Cute idea to do this! Adorable!