Sunday, May 6, 2012

Festival Fun!

Yesterday we attended the annual festival of our small town.

  Held on the main strip of downtown, the road was closed off for vendors to set up tents, food carts, music stages,games, and bounce houses.

The kids did great and seemed to have a lot of fun.

We also were able to save a lot of money by bringing our own drinks and snacks.  As tempting as the funnel cakes were, we were content to munch on apples and graham crackers.

We also did some face painting at home before heading out.  I had some paints left from this past Halloween so I figured we'd make good use of them.  It really wasn't very difficult.  I simply went to google images and searched for key words like princess, butterfly, and spider along with "face paint" to get some ideas.  In the end, we saved ourselves about $27 and time spent waiting in line.  The kids loved them just the same and I didn't cringe when they were washed off 2 hours later as we cooled down in the sprinkler.

We ended the trip with a treat of dippin' dots ice cream. Buying 2 and sharing between 3 cups gave each kid plenty to eat and, since it's eaten in a bowl with a spoon, made so much less mess than cones. (A lesson that we learned at the St Patricks Day parade when we were caught with nary a wet wipe. You don't know what sticky is....)

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