Friday, October 28, 2011

Costume Prep

Growing up we frequently made our own costumes using our clothes, our parents clothes, or things from the dress up bin.  I remember going as a 3 legged person one year.  I stuffed one leg of a pair of jeans and pinned on a sock and shoe, then clipped it to my waist with a belt.  To finish off the look I threw on a trench coat and one of my dad's hats.  Imagination can take you places when it comes to Halloween. :)  I'm making the girls costumes this year.  Addie is going as a black cat and Ana is going as Dora the Explorer, no surprise there.  Gabe is going as Captain America, using a costume he received for his birthday with the addition of a small shield.  

For Addie's costume I rounded up a black turtleneck, black velvet skirt, black leggings and shoes.  Pretty standard pieces that she can continue to wear through the fall and winter seasons.  I picked up some chenille boas at AC Moore to make wrist cuffs and a tail that I"ll be finishing up this weekend.  I also grabbed some black and pink felt and sewed a set of cat ears to a black headband following this tutorial.  To finish off the look I'll be painting a cute little nose and whiskers on her face.  

Ana's costume was even easier, being simply a pink shirt, orange shorts, and yellow socks.  I wasn't able to find her a purple backpack, but I don't think she minds.  I made her a little bracelet out of yellow pony beads and hot glued on a little green flower from a hair elastic.  I also made her a wig using this tutorial.  I used black card stock, staples, black felt, and hot glue.  It came together very quickly and looks really cute, if I do say so myself.  It has the added benefit of keeping her head warm if the night turns out to be a little chilly.  

I was able to put both of these costumes together for around $7 total.  (Not including the clothes I purchased at consignment, because those can be worn as regular clothing!)  I think they're super cute and have so much more appeal than store bought costumes. I'm not opposed to them, they can be very cute and we used them the past 2 years.  But their use is very limited and they're expensive (between $15 and $25 each.)  

Now I need to put my own costume together. I'm borrowing an idea from my mom (and some clothing items) that I think will be really cute. No spoilers here, I think this one will speak better with pictures. :)

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janelle said...

Love this! I can't wait to see pictures of all the finished projects :)