Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mystery Seedlings

We've been keeping a close eye on the seedlings coming up in our garden lately.  The kids love going out and watering them and pulling out weeds and grass.  The other day though, I noticed several seedlings coming up where they shouldn't be.  It would seem that while helping to plant the seeds one of the kids got a hold of a packet and dumped the seeds around our okra plants.

You can see the cluster at the bottom of the picture, I count around 8... and that's just what was in frame.  (The okra plant is at the top.)

The problem I'm having is that I can't identify these seedlings.  I have looked up pictures of everything that we planted (okra, sugar snap peas, romaine, dill, beets, and green onions), and none of them look like like these. 
They look like mini tree leaves, not the thin green leaves that I expect to see.

These are actually the real leaves.  The first to grow are thin and green, but the second set (or first real set) are these reddish, jagged leaves.  

Anyone have a guess?


Jen said...

Hahaha! Good help is so hard to find these days.

I'm going to go with oak tree saplings. Don't know how they would have been planted, but they can definitely pop up everywhere.

Margaret said...

I was thinking tree saplings too, Jen -- though maple would be more likely to have jagged edges than oak. They can also be reddish like that sometimes, like Jen said, they pop up everywhere.