Sunday, October 10, 2010

OBX Wedding

We spent Saturday on the coast celebrating the wedding of a family friend.  (The in-laws in-laws to be more precise.  Or to confuse you more... take your pick.)  Addie and Gabe stayed home and had a wonderful time with Uncle John and Aunt Julie (and Aunt Mellanie!)  Juliana did very well with us, though she became a little fragile as the evening wore on.  (Hence the neon green pacy in most of the pictures.) But she was like a little magnet, attracting the attention of everyone around her.  I've never seen so many big-manly-biker-men get so googly over a baby.

**Thank you, Meg, for the wrap.  It was perfect!

1 comment:

Jen said...

Well, who wouldn't go googly over that bundle of cuteness in red velvet?!

And Karen, babe, I gotta say, you look *fantastic* in that last photo, especially. You're gorgeous!