Sunday, September 5, 2010

Time to Pray

Steve is currently out of town visiting his father in the hospital.  He recently suffered a stroke but had remained in stable, though serious, condition.  Last night however he took a turn for the worse experiencing organ failure and sepsis.  His condition is precarious and uncertain.  One thing we know for sure, we must pray. 

I had taken the kids outside this afternoon and was pushing them in their swings when I reminded them that we should pray for their grandfather again.  "Do you remember how I told you that Papa Randy is very sick?  We should say some prayers for him, he may be going to see Jesus soon."  They responded with shrieks of glee and clapping, catching me off guard though only for a moment.  Truly the response we should have at the thought of meeting our Lord.

I began to pray the Our Father, slowly so that they could repeat me, and they followed right along.  We followed it up with a Hail Mary, which they asked to repeat 2 more times. At this point I remembered that I had heard a song based on the Divine Mercy prayers.  It had a good rhythm to it that matched well with the tempo of their swinging so we started praying with song, singing our way through an entire decade.  The kids really enjoyed it, and it was so wonderful to have them be focused, attentive and engaged for the prayers we offered for their grandfather.  I think God may have a soft spot for prayers from such small, innocent children... I know I do.


Margaret said...

Ack. That is too adorable.

And yeah, little-kid prayers *easily* count for double. ;)

Jen said...

Too, too precious. I love the spontaneous glee at the thought of meeting Jesus. If that doesn't melt His heart -- I mean, c'mon!

Jen said...

Sorry -- I was distracted by the kid-cuteness. I meant to add that I will definitely be praying for Randy. Please tell Steve, too!