Thursday, July 22, 2010

Small Successes


1. I have been able to get a handle on my nausea.  Hooray!  I've been eating small meals and snacks every 1.5-2 hours and, at the recommendation of a pharmacist, am taking a daily dose of the B6 vitamin.  It's not an instant cure, but taken daily has really helped to quell the queasies.

2. The kids went back to gymnastics today after a 2 week absence.  I was worried that the time away would make them forget how the class progressed and things like paying attention and sitting when asked to.  (Not so simple for a 3 year old.)  But their teachers (one of whom is a close friend from early childhood) said that they were fantastic, 98% improvement from their last classes!  They each have 2 make-up classes to take and I have signed them up for separate classes.  Addie will have 2 weeks of ballet/tap (squee!  leotards and slippers, hooray!) and Gabe will have 2 weeks of sports introduction (golf, baseball, soccer, football, and hockey, oh my!)

3. Ana has taken her first (assisted) steps!  For quite a while now she has pulled herself to a standing position and just stood there or bopped up and down gently.  But today, she grabbed hold of my fingers and proceeded to walk a good 4 feet across the kitchen!  She still has a ways to go to get the coordination figured out, currently it's more of

Raise left leg up and SLAP it down 5 inches in front of herself.
Tiny step with right leg.
Bop up and down.
Tiny shuffle of right leg to even up with left.

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squee indeed! :)