Thursday, June 11, 2009

Small Successes


1. Yesterday I was able to start getting our master closet in order. Steve took the door off and put it in the attic to give us better access to the limited space we have. I moved in a large 3 drawer organizer for our shoes and the difference is amazing.

2. There are only a few more things to come out of the spare room before we can start painting! Most everything has been sorted into organizers in their closet and all that remains is a tv stand (we're making inquiries if anyone is interested, otherwise it's going to Goodwill), and a few random things to put away. Yesterday's attic trip really helped clear out the rest.

3. I've found a better way to keep the downstairs reasonably tidy through the day. We've instituted times through the day to go around and have the kids pick up their toys; before nap time and bed time and before we leave the house for errands or outdoor play. We've also installed a retractable gate between the kitchen and living room. Now we can keep the kids out of the kitchen when we're cooking or cleaning, keeping them safe from grabbing knives off the counter and allowing us to clean up much more quickly. We've gotten to the point where the whole downstairs is clean before we take the kids up for bedtime, which is a good thing because lately I don't make it back downstairs again afterwards.


CygnetMommy said...

#3 is a great idea!! I just have a hard time staying consistent. It'll work for about a week, maybe 2, then it's a mess all over again. Good luck with it!

Margaret said...

You should post before and after pictures of the twins' new room. I can't imagine what the difference will be!