Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow day fun

A rare snowfall came to our town today and dropped around 5 inches. The kids spent much of the morning with their faces pressed to the windows, eyes wide and mouths agape. After lunch, we bundled them up in their snowsuits, stuffed Addie's suede boots into ziploc bags and headed out the door. It was a lot to take in for the kids, the snow blanketing everything they could see, and the depth of the snow made walking a challenge. After several face plants we trekked out to the road where they could walk with ease and headed to the neighborhood playground. They had a great time wandering around and exploring. They loved going down the slides, slipping down quickly and landing in pillows of snow. Although they lacked the ability to stand up after, their faces were shinning with rosy cheeked smiles. All in all, a good and beautiful day.


hobbitmom said...

Ka-YUTE! Widdle snowsuits, rrrrgh!

Margaret said...

Yay! I'd been following the reports of snow in NC and just waiting for these pictures...hee! They did not disappoint.

Jen said...

Addie's suede boots in plastic bags -- HA!

And, as usual, Addie looks undaunted by cold and wet and a novel situation. Gabe looks...perturbed. Did he have fun, too?

*just want to SQUISH them*