Monday, November 10, 2008

Notes from the week

The kids are interacting and playing together more and more. I will frequently see them settled down, back to back, reading books or passing toys back and forth. They are very interested in what the other is doing, so it's no surprise that when we are "punishing" one of them (sitting them in a corner for 15 seconds and holding them just so they can't get away) the other will come up and sit down next to the guilty party. ("What'd ya do?") Or if they can't get past me, they'll stand as close as possible and try to "talk" to them. This was the first way they really showed concern for each other, but not the last. The other night the babies and I were up in their bedroom getting ready for bed.

Addie had found a paci and was happily sucking away as I was trying to change Gabe.
He is not a fan of getting dressed and was letting everyone know it, crying hard and waving his hands in the air. Addie stopped walking around when she heard him cry, came over to us, looked down at Gabe... kept looking... then popped her paci out of her mouth and handed it to Gabe, who promptly took it and forgot he had ever been upset.

Games of peek-a-boo take place anywhere and everywhere. Addie will pull anything up over her face, robes, blankets, washcloths.... I think hiding is her favorite part, at times she seems almost annoyed at being found. She will pop out to surprise you on her own time and she'll be very animated about it too. She has also started hiding during meal times, putting her balled up fists over her eyes then raising them up to peek at you. Hiding in a fort is the best though, they love to crawl in with us and read books or just lounge around on a big fluffy robe... or an obnoxiously green monkey.

Gabe loves to drape things on his head as well, but prefers to wear them like a veil so he can see. Seeing Gabe look so silly always starts a game of chase as Addie runs after a giggling Gabe.


Jen said...

Love these stories! Love these photos!! Oh man, I miss those kids so much.

I might have to make that photo of the two of them reading together my computer wallpaper...

Margaret said...

GREAT stories -- and I love those pictures! It's so sweet to hear about them helping each other out in their hour of need; now, of course, it's just a matter of time before they're "helping" each other get into trouble. ;)

Margaret said...

Also: Gaah! Jen had told me about the Pooh slippers, but this is the first time I'm seeing them (in that last picture of Addie). So! Cute!!

Jen said...

Yes, Margaret -- your niece's love of shoes has begun well. You must take the fledgling shopper under your arm and introduce her to Steve Madden and Doc Martin.