Thursday, October 16, 2008

Feeling buggy

Our family has been waging a battle against cold and flu germs for the last two weeks or so. It started with Steve and left him sick for the better part of a week and has now moved on to myself and the kids. So far I'm doing ok. Symptoms haven't progressed much past congestion, sore throat, hot/cold flashes and being down right tired. I'm taking Zicam frequently and hope to get over it quickly. The kids seem to be doing ok, other than a slightly-more-cranky-than-normal Gabe. I hear tiny sneezes and little coughs through the day but overall they seem no worse for wear.
Posting may be slow for a while though as all my energy is going into caring for the kids and myself. And maybe the house if I'm able... things like clean laundry and dishes to eat off of are somewhat important, you know ;)

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Margaret said...

Aww, poor sick Williamses! But hee! tiny baby sneezes!

Make sure you all drink plenty of water...and stay away from the neighbors. Heh.