Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cooking for babies

We've had a recent run of success with the twins exploring new tastes and textures at mealtime. They've been such a hit that I feel the need to share, for any moms looking for healthy, tasty dishes for their little one(s). I've gotten lots of great recipes from a book mom got me, and while we didn't follow the books guide on when to introduce foods (or include things like butter in first veggie purees) there are tons of great, fast meal ideas. Some of our favorites so far are apricot and pear oatmeal, veggies with cheese sauce, and chicken with tomato and rice. Chicken bolognese and tuna pasta with creamy tomato sauce have also been well received. Most of these meals use ingredients kept readily available and are fairly quick to put together. One great thing this book has introduced us to is a simple cheese sauce; from veggies to pasta it's a great binder and can help soften the flavor of some veggies like broccoli.
Most of these recipes are suitable for freezing, something that comes in handy when trying to offer variety. I held on to the plastic containers and lids that Gerber baby foods are packaged in and now use them for our own foods. Ziploc bags labeled with the contents and date are filled with individual servings and stuck in the freezer for later use. I will usually double the recipes and have enough left for 2 meals (for two kids.)
Stay tuned for a few recipes and time savers. :)


Margaret said...

Hey, nice! Love that they're turning into adventuresome little eaters, too.

Margaret said...

Speaking of recipes, wanted to share one that I tried last night to GREAT success -- salmon burgers ( I got the recipe from Mark Bittman's blog (he of How to Cook Everything fame, my cookbook Bible), and it was really simple.

Made a few substitutions -- four tuna-fish-sized cans of salmon (make sure it has no skin or bones) instead of fresh salmon, green onions in place of scallion, and one beaten egg to help it hold together. YUM! Like grown-up versions of the salmon croquettes we had as kids, and super easy. Served it with fresh lemon juice, hot sauce, and mayo, but Bittman lists some other variations that sound just as good.

Ate it with some chickpea salad (recipe: -- one of my favorite summertime staples -- and felt quite the healthy gourmet! Definitely give them a try. (Though, er, maybe not for the babies. Heh.)